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The NJAS mentoring program is an opportunity for junior Angus members to utilize their experience at the NJAS to assist time exhibitors at this event. It gives juniors of all ages the opportunity to meet and interact with members from different states.


The contest is designed to develop the ability of all NJAA members to showcase their auctioneering skills. No experience is required.

Below are links that outline the lots to be sold for each age division of the 2023 Auctioneering contest held at the National Junior Angus Show. Please find your respective age division and utilize this sheet for preparations prior to the contest.


The purpose of this contest is threefold:1) to display the creativity of NJAA members; 2) to share information about prevalent beef science topics; and 3) to provide a fun, educational and competitive activity for interested juniors.


This contest is designed to accurately reflect real-world economics, be easier to understand, and have increased educational value.


This contest is to help NJAA members build a resume and improve their interviewing skills. Job preparation and interviewing skills are only approved through practice and gaining experience.


This event is educational, competitive, and fun! The cook-off is also an excellent way to educate and entertain non-participants, while promoting our chief end product --- beef. It is sponsored jointly by the American Angus Auxiliary and the National Junior Angus Association and is held annually during the National Junior Angus Show (NJAS).

Submitting entries online is preferred. NJAA members competing on state teams you must check with and coordinate entries through your state junior Angus association advisors.

VIRTUAL COLORING CONTESTColoring Contest Quick Guide

The coloring contest is for ages 9 and under. To participate, please download the coloring page that corresponds with your age division.
  • Entries are due anytime between June 19th - June 23rd.
  • The winners will be announced at closing ceremonies during NJAS, Friday July 7th.
  • Entry must include participant’s name, age, and state.
  • To submit, participant may mail to the following address or scan entry to events@angus.org.
    American Angus Association Attn: NJAS Coloring Contest 3201 Frederick Ave. Saint Joseph, MO 64506
Age 3 & Under Age 4 thru 6 Age 7 thru 9
Coloring Sheet Coloring Sheet Coloring Sheet


The purpose of the writing contest is to encourage the enhancement of written communication skills.

2023 Creative Writing Contest Topics
Junior Topic: Write a story about the first time you met your favorite Angus animal.
Intermediate Topic: You are George Grant, writing a letter to a friend in Scotland, reflecting on the past year you have spent here in the U.S. after bringing the first Angus bulls to America.
Senior Topic: Be innovative! If you have use of unlimited resources or technology, what product would you invent to “revolutionize” the cattle industry on the farm, local or national level.


The contest is designed to develop the ability of all NJAA members to express themselves on a given subject without having prepared or rehearsed its content in advance; therefore, causing NJAA members to formulate their remarks for presentation in a very limited time.


This contest enables the junior member to use computer technology to design materials that promote the Angus breed and Angus activities

2023 Graphic Design Contest Entry Themes
Junior theme: Design a logo for your future Angus operation.
Intermediate theme: Create an ad promoting the Angus Foundation’s Talon internship program.
Senior theme: Create a t-shirt design that can be included in the Angus Association’s Brand Store.


The purpose of the this contest is to encourage effective evaluation of breeding and market cattle. Junior members will be able to evaluate cattle on their potential of high quality, efficient animals and determine the placing of the animals in the classes.


The junior herdsman of the year award was created to honor an outstanding NJAA member who displays a strong work ethic, dedication to his/her animals, and has the skill to prepare their cattle for exhibition to the best of their ability.


This contest is designed to recognize the top individual in each age division for their overall knowledge of Angus cattle and the beef industry.


The NJAA and Angus Journal have combined to create the NJAA/AJ Photography Contest. The purpose of this contest is to help NJAA members increase their communication skills through the creative display of a message or feeling through photography.


Communication is a vital element in our society -- today more than ever before. The ability to communicate effectively is not only an art; it can mean the difference between success, mediocrity, or failure.

The title page and outline is due at contest check-in at NJAS. We encourage sign ups prior to the contest throughout the summer, via the AAA login portal. However, you may sign up during contest check-in at NJAS as well. You will not be able to turn in your title page and outline when you sign up via the AAA login portal. We just ask that you bring it with you to contest check-in at NJAS. Deadline for contest check-in and to turn in your title page and outline is Sunday, July 2nd at 7:30 p.m.

2023 Prepared Public Speaking Contest Topics
Junior topic: Can be any subject pertaining to Angus cattle or the beef industry. Exploration of, and insight into, any and all phases of the industry are encouraged. Current affairs, policies and trends provide good topics.
Intermediate topic: There are many career opportunities within the Angus Industry. If you could choose a career path in this industry, describe a day in the life of this career.
Senior topic: Sustainability has been a current hot topic within the beef industry. What does sustainability look like in the beef industry?


The quiz bowl will be held in association with the National Junior Angus Show. It will be a two-part contest, consisting of a written round and a verbal round. 4-member teams will compete with other state association teams to vie for points towards the sweepstakes contest.

Quiz Bowl Rules

Quiz Bowl Quick Guide

Quiz Bowl Study Guide (Questions for Quiz bowl may come from this study guide.)


This contest is held annually at the National Junior Angus Show to spotlight the top 2 showmen from each state competing.


This contest covers the understanding and practical application of various beef related production topics.


The purpose of this contest is to encourage cooperation, fellowship and teamwork among state juniors in developing and maintaining a display of cattle and stall area. It also promotes pride and enthusiasm for the state junior organization and rewards those organizations that achieve this purpose.


This contest is designed to reward state junior associations for their members' participation in the various contests, exhibition of cattle and the National Junior Angus Showmanship Contest during the NJAS.


The objective of this contest is to gain the ability to work with a team to enhance the showring performance of a groomed animal. Participants will be judged on ability to fit, organization of supplies and equipment, participation of each team member and overall effect as well as knowledge of the subject and response to questions.


The objective of the contest is to gain a working understanding of performance and pedigree information. Emphasis will be placed on team organization, communication skills and marketing techniques.

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