Listen Now: The Angus Conversation Season 2 Features New Episodes

By Miranda Reiman | American Angus Association

If Angus breeders are talking about it, chances are it’s on our list, too.

In its second season The Angus Conversation, an Angus Journal podcast, will keep you connected to the latest discussions in the breed.

Every two weeks fresh segments air on all major podcast platforms. Hosts Mark McCully, CEO of the American Angus Association, and Miranda Reiman, director of digital content and strategy for Angus Media, visit with cattlemen and women, researchers, and marketers.

“Most good ideas start with a good conversation or two,” Reiman says. “I hope these segments give you new ways to look at challenges or inspire you to get involved in the decisions that will shape your business in the long run.”

They cover everything from breeding philosophies and future direction to new technology and time-honored traditions.

“Think of it as tailgate chatter meets hallway conversations, mixed with deep conversations among old friends,” she says. “If you’re investing your time to listen, we want to make it worth your while.”

The entire Season 1 library is available now as Season 2 continues to build, starting with the very first episode, “Gene Editing and Angus: A New Way to Solve Old Problems?”

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